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Search Engine Optimization | SEO

Complete Source IT provides complete search engine optimization (SEO) consulting services to our clients who seek to conquer targeted key words and phrases. Our SEO consultating services include a complete review and inventory of your websites content and components. This complete review and inventory will help us correct any design, page title issues, and/or metadata deficiencies which may exist on your website. As design/coding issues and/or metadata deficiencies on your current webpages (that have been overlooked for years), could be impacting your consideration for search engine results pages.

As a local professional SEO consultant, we implement search engine optimization strategies and guidelines for clients in the CHicago area as recommended by Google Search Console. We will make sure your webpages are intelligently titled and in harmony with your pages content. Part of conquering search engines is possessing quality text content. Complete Source IT has you covered in this department aswell. As we emply professional copy writers with experience is writing content specific for search engine optimization.

If you are seeking a local SEO consultant that will help you implement a carefully thought out strategy, then contact us today for a free consultation!